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Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

$14.99 - $119.99
Sold Out!

STAINLESS STEEL Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

Unlike a HUGE majority of cookie cutters that are made of:

1) tin plated steel (which rusts fairly quickly)

2) plastic (which is cheap and flimsy)

3) copper (which is expensive and corrodes)

This set includes:

Wise Man Cookie Cutter: 3" tall

Star Cookie Cutter: 1- 2" tall

Angel Cookie Cutter: 3" tall

Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter: 3" tall

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter: 3 - 4" tall

Bell Cookie Cutter: 2 - 3" tall

This Christmas cookie cutter set (and ALL our other cutters) are made of STAINLESS STEEL which means it will typically last much longer than a normal cookie cutter.  Stainless steel cookie cutters are rare and hard to find.  Although you can be more aggressive with cleaning these cookie cutters than a typical cutter, we recommend that you hand wash and towel dry.

$4.99 FLAT rate shipping in the US (no matter what size your order is)

$9.99 FLAT rate shipping internationally (no matter what size your order is)

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