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Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters

Not all cookie cutters are created equally which is why Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters was created.  It is estimated that 99% of cookie cutters are made of three less desirable materials:

1) plastic (which is cheap and flimsy)

2) copper (which is expensive and corrodes)

3) "tin plated" steel - (keep in mind the words "tin plated steel" sound a LOT like "stainless steel".  There is a HUGE difference.  One rusts quickly, and the other doesn't.  A large majority of cookie cutters are made of "tin plated" steel which rusts quickly.  Ours are not.)

Our stainless steel cookie cutters are durable and stand the test of time.  Would you rather pay $1 for something that is going to rust 6 months down the road, or $2 more for a cookie cutter that will look brand new 5 years from now?  The choice is simple.  We're asking you to do your research, see what's out there, and buy the BEST quality cookie cutters on the market.  Our name is simple and easy to remember.  Please bookmark our site and always shop at Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that we are VERY fair on our shipping.  We love the large orders (and offer bulk pricing), but we don't gouge your eyes out on small orders either.  Check out our shipping prices below

$4.99 FLAT rate shipping in the US (no matter what size your order is)

$9.99 FLAT rate shipping internationally (no matter what size your order is)

Happy Baking!!!
Need ideas for new cookie dough for your stainless steel cookie cutters? Check out restaurant reviews near you for places that have the best cookie deserts in your town! 

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